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Totem Pole
Located on the Tasman Peninsula is the Tasman National Park which is famous for its amazing coastline, including 300m high dolerite sea cliffs. This stunning and rugged coastline is perfect for an adventurer, especially the sea cliffs of the Candlestick and Totem Pole. If you love abseiling or rock climbing, the Tasman Peninsula is the place for you. 
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Mount Baker by mj.foto on Flickr.

jessa goebel is a badass climber

Buttermilks | climber: @dawoods89 | photographer: @nervousone

Three Fingers Lookout by Benjamin Krause on Flickr.

I wish having a job as a fire lookout was still a thing. Damn airplanes and technology.


El Delfin (7C+), Rodellar

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